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    Jordans 2017, Near the playoffs, the fourth year of the Nike Elite product opens. This is also the third of the KD series Elite products. Because of the “elite” title, so that we have more expectations for the Elite series. If only from the KD this product line, Elite concept to join the original sharp and powerful Durant signature shoes become more powerful. At least, from the current view, whether it is the replacement of the previous soles technology, or now the upper material changes, KD series Elite version is usually the biggest change, people most want to try. Full Hyperposite shoe body settings, although in reason, but also some unexpected. The latter half of the shoe body punching, with a strong visual impact, and reduce the weight of the shoe body. The use of fully penetrating punching the middle of the shoe body, with the most direct permeability. Have to say, Hyperposite texture, deeply attracted me, it is more than KD7 regular version of the line more complete. Not only with “foam” all the characteristics of shoes, and in the appearance of more aggressive. Toe protective layer to join, is to further enhance the safety factor of the shoes. This way, also do not use the Velcro. Plus Dynamic Flywire through, so KD7 Elite wrapped a sense of a higher level.
    Cheap Jordan Shoes UK, KD7 Elite’s package is exceptionally good. It is much higher than the regular season version. Regular version of the KD7 I wear 43, but this pair of Elite version 44 is still a strong package, which is also related to the thicker. Before the ankle fit is not enough, there is no place here, tighten the shoelaces immediately feel the feet are firmly in the control of the shoes. Dynamic Flywire is exacerbated by this feeling. Due to the thickness and strength of Hyperposite uppers, and even let me feel first KD7 Elite is a pair of difficult to be surrender shoes. This foot feeling completely unlike the usual KD series show the freedom of Smart, more like a “LeBron Low”. Hyperposite Nike in recent years as the main push of the high-end technology, and its protective nature is self-evident. Armor-like sense of protection, so that feet feel very practical. If you are a person who needs a strong protection, and like low-rise shoes, it is highly recommended that you try KD7 Elite.
    New Air Jordan Shoes, This is a pair of front and rear palm Zoom Air, and Hyperposite shoes plus Dynamic Flywire’s elite version of the signature boots. The reason to say so, because it is priced at 1399, in short, wear the longer, I will be more obedient to the upper, KD7 Elite need to run. But it also affected the shoes of the reactive score. Originally the soles of the set is not so light, coupled with the upper control, really need time and strength to control. See here you may feel that KD7 Elite is not uncomfortable. In fact, I want to say, it really than most of the “foam” shoes much more comfortable. I think there are a lot of shoes at the foot of the KD7 has been grinding almost the bar, this pair of Elite version using the same soles system, so soft, cushioning completely do not have to worry about. Cushioning basic can reach 8.5 points. Thick upper fully wrapped around the foot, people feel safe. The inadequacies are that Hyperposite is too sturdy.

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